Catch and Release                                      Columbia Review Online

The Leap                                                Forklift, Ohio #32

The Mother Never Knew                              OxMag, Issue 31.2

A Craving                                                Inlandia Volume 5

If They Sparkle and You Believe              Glassworks: Flash Glass

Flying                                                      Marathon Literary Review, Issue 7

Urban Farming
Bird Thumb, Issue 3

The Brief Reign                                       TINGE Magazine, Issue 8

All The Important Parts Are Make-Believe                                           Black Heart Magazine, January 2014      

The Ingenuity of Bears                               Black Heart Magazine, February, 2014

What’s With the Sticks                theNewerYork,  February, 2014

Suzanne Take ‘em Down                        Literary Orphans, Issue 17

The News From Up Here                  Whirlwind Magazine, Issue 7

The Junk Keeper's Daughter         Reunion: The Dallas Review Vol. 5

Vatos Locos For Now                    Badlands, Issue 6

Rock Salt                                                    Zaum, Issue 19

This Time                                                    The Sand Canyon Review, 2014

Inheritance                                                      Bop Dead City, Issue 7

Where Faith and Freedom Meet   Badlands, Issue 5

No Room For New Deities                         The Nassau Review, 2015

The Test                                                   Petrichor Machine, Issue 5

This Time                                                       Tin Cannon, Volume 2





Telling Grandma Stories                               Statue for Seamstress                         Photos 3 & 5                             Demographics, 1991                                Cheese                                                               The Brooklyn Review, 28

Born Raindrops                                        Ruben As Cousteau                                     The Fruit                                                            Superstition Review, 18

Unbuckled Child Waiting for Impact          Charlie, Sight Seer                                       Monday Night, 15

All Things Large and Unknown                    An Examination of Growth                       Unsteady Living                                             + Interview                                        Driftwood Press Vol. 2 Issue 4

An Inborn Character                                    Oxford Magazine, Issue 31.2

All These Lanes, All This Loneliness                                                   The Homestead Review No.34

Because I'm Bad Ass And I Said So     Really System, Issue 8

Pickle Head                                                     Welter, Winter 2014

Prophecy                                                     Forklift, Ohio, 34

Processes                                              Passages North, 38

Celebration for Impending Death       Bayou Magazine, 66

Signature, Signature, Initial                     Beecher's Magazine, 6

Houdini Never Played Broadway               Potomac Review, 59

After                                                      Clackamas Literary Review, 20

Lament fora Summer, Stifling                The Hawai'i Review, 83

Recap                                                       SLAB, 11

Lotería                                                       Riprap Literary Journal, 38

When Broken                                      Magnolia Review 4.1

Dybukk                                                             It's No Fun                                                     The Distance Between Us                            Willard & Maple, 18

Horns Borne by Both Males & Females scissors & spackle, 14

A Child's Garden of Gunk                              The High Plains Register, 2015

An Old Man Stares Through My Window  Midnight Circus, Fall 2014

The Difference Between Us                   Dewpoint, Volume, 5

Charlie Rounds Them All
Charlie, Entrepreneur
                                 Fill Her Up Charlie                                     Suisun Valley Review, Volume 32

You Can Count On Me                Perceptions: A Magazine of the Arts, 2015

The Casual Casualties                                   A Withering War                                              The Daughter Ditch                                          Something to March Behind                        The Stillwater Review, Volume 5

Bradford Pear                                             San Diego Poetry Annual, 2015-16

Never Meant To                                             Jammed                                                         Aji Magazine, Spring 2016



Tongue Trained                                    Naming IT                                            Lengua Larga, Boca Abierta


The Ingenuity of Bears        Best of Black Heart

What's With the Sticks?          Bully(KY Story)